Evolution of the Engine

The protection of synthetic insulation films, enamelled conductors or papers in the magnetic sheets of aluminum alloys and plastic materials contributes directly to the reduction of the weight ratio by the power of the electric motors.

Evolution is characterized by the development of new insulation materials, which are capable of withstanding higher temperatures. Generally, electric motors are present in virtually every industrial, commercial and residential facility. It should be noted that the weight of an engine that is of the same power over time, it should be noted that the current engine has only 8% of its predecessor’s weight in the year 1891. G3050

When comparing the data and specifications of different engine manufacturers, at different times, it is possible to conclude that there was a significant reduction in weight and, therefore, the reduction of the engine to the same power of an average of 20% every decade. which in the last two decades the reduction was less noticeable. These factors highlight the need to revise the rules, so that the relationship between powers and carcasses can be adapted to sizes through technological development.