Information System

An information system is a system whose purpose is to store, process and share information. The definition of an information system is an interdependent set of people, organizational structure, information technologies, procedures and methods, which provide organizations in a timely manner the information that is necessary to their current functioning and evolution .

Information system is a set of interrelated components that collects (or retrieves), processes, stores and distributes information to support control and decision making in organizations.     Gates Rubber 8/B54

From these definitions, it can be said that the Information System is responsible in a company for providing the organization of the information it needs to make managerial decisions in different areas and aspects, transforming data into information, which will then be transformed knowledge, thus obtaining a means for a secure decision.

The information has a great interconnection with the decision making process of the company being a vital resource, so it is recommended that they be efficient for an adequate decision process, where the form of presentation of the information should facilitate its use.

For this, today, companies rely on technological innovations in information technology that allow the storage and processing of information in an appropriate way. When information is not used correctly it affects and influences productivity, profitability and strategic decisions.