Lubricating Devices

In the specific case of a temperature of approximately 40 ° C, the life of a continuously operating ball bearing can be three to four years or in other situations, even longer. Therefore, for every 10 ° C increase in working temperature, the durability is automatically reduced dramatically. The lubrication of the bearings, in addition to providing a more efficient performance, has the function of avoiding the elevation of the temperature that can interfere and significantly reduce the useful life of these components.

At the very moment when engine operating temperatures are high or engine speeds exceeding the maximum limit of 1,500 rpm, it is advisable to use mineral oil to lubricate.

Therefore, oils in general need to have lubricating properties appropriate to the application conditions. In the case of motors with a small footprint, the initial lubrication in the assembly is determined in a way that guarantees a high number of hours of operation. Grease reserve may be sufficient for the entire life of the equipment. Already in large engines there is a need for more lubrication. The periodicity of lubrication may vary according to the design of the bearings, as well as the properties of the lubricants used.