Single Phase Motors Windings

Parts that are distinct in size and function complete and make the electric motor have the power required for a particular machine. One of the parts that deserves attention is the winding of single-phase electric motors, since winding is the name given to the coils.

They are the coils that produce the magnetic field that is used for the transfer of energy. In the coil which is responsible for starting, we have a capacitor, which is equipped with an automated switch. This switch causes the winding of the single-phase electric motors to switch off when starting. The capacitor operates so that a rotating magnetic field is produced and produced inside the motor in order to power the motor.

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The stator in turn is composed of a pair of windings, one of which is called the main and the second, auxiliary. This pair of windings of the single-phase electric motors will be energized, that is when the rotor reaches its maximum acceleration capacity, so the starter winding turns off and only the coils remain working.