Auxiliary Phase Single Phase Motors


The auxiliary phase single-phase electric motor is the one with the broadest application. Its mechanical construction is the same as that of three-phase induction motors. Thus, in the stator there are two windings: one of thicker wire with a large number of turns (main or working winding), and one of thinner wire with few turns (auxiliary winding or starting winding).

The main winding stays on for the entire engine run time, but the auxiliary winding only operates during start. This winding is switched off when an automatic device is located, one part of the motor cover and another part of the rotor.

baldor CBL061SF-A

These motors are equipped with capacitor have a more vigorous (start) torque. When it is stationary, the springs cause the centrifugal masses to push the spool over the contacts, closing the starter winding circuit.

There are basically four types of single-phase induction motors with cage rotor (auxiliary phase), according to the auxiliary starting arrangement used: split-phase motor; Motor with capacitor start (capacitor-start); Motor with permanent capacitor (permanent-split); Motor with two capacitors (two-value capacitor).

Electric Motor Coupling

For effective coupling, the shaft locking device and protective grease must be removed, which protects against corrosion of the shaft end and flange only prior to the installation of the motor.

The drain needs to be positioned so that drainage is facilitated at the lowest point of the engine. If there is an indicative arrow on the drain body, it must be mounted so that the arrow points downwards. Engines containing rubber drain plugs leave the factory in the closed position, needing to be opened periodically in order to allow condensed water to escape.

In the case of environments with high water condensation and motors with a higher degree of protection, the drains can be mounted in the open position. For engines that have a lower degree of protection, the drains must remain in the closed and open position only during engine maintenance.

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Already lubricated engines of the mixed oil type must have their drains always connected to a specific collection system. It is advisable to check the direction of rotation of the motor, always connecting it before attaching it to the load.