Properties contained in compound engines

Additive composite motors are based on a magnetic flux from the branch field that can be properly coupled with the magnetic flux of the series field, and can thus result in an electric motor with predominant specifications of the motor in series, ie with torque higher, however, with lower speed control. In the case of subtractive composite machines, they usually exhibit a magnetic flux of the branch field, which may well be able to subtract from the magnetic field series flux, thus resulting in an engine with predominant specifications of the parallel motor, and thus, with an effective speed control, but with a lower torque, in relation to the cumulative configuration.

The field windings are basically driven in series with elements such as armature and in parallel, being able to obtain a certain type of machine with the characteristics of the motor in series and the parallel, an effective control of speed and torque VRBM3561T. The basic speed and load characteristics can be changed in case the two fields can be triggered so that they match or oppose, thus generating two distinct types of compound machines.