The Importance of Alignment

The process of alignment between the motor and the driven machine is considered one of the factors that most offer the extension of the life of the engine. In cases of misalignment between the couplings, the high loads that have as function to reduce the operation of the bearings, causing in this way, numerous vibrations and, in the most extreme cases, may even cause the shaft to rupture. In case alignment is performed by a laser instrument, the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer must be followed closely. fuel gas reel In checking the alignment is necessary to be performed at the ambient and working temperatures of the equipment.

For proper alignment of the motor, it is necessary to invest in the use of suitable tools and devices, such as the comparator watch and specific laser alignment instruments, among others. The shaft must be aligned axially and radially, with the machine shaft engaged. The value displayed on watches are comparators for alignment, and should never exceed 0.03 mm, considering a complete rotation of the shaft. It is important that there is a gap between the couplings, so that counterbalance to the thermal expansion of the shafts is possible, as specified by the coupling manufacturer.